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Frequently Asked Questions

In a nutshell: Write Way Creative Agency is a full-service creative and branding agency. We blend digital and print design, with marketing, advertising, branding, and public relations strategies to increase your brand awareness and level of success in business. 

*Website Design with Hosting on our platform
*Website design with hosting on your platform
*WordPress, Shopify
*Ecommerce Stores
*Logo Design
*Social Media Posts and Advertising
*Facebook Specific Advertising Packages
*Graphic Design (Digital and Print) 
*Business Cards, Rack Cards, Banners, Yard Signs, etc.
*Magazine Layouts and Ads
*Marketing Portfolios and Folders
*Marketing and Advertising Consults
*Website and Business Reviews
*Domain and Business Name Selection
*Book Cover Design
*Packaging Design, Labels

(Basically, ANY design. We just need the size and content you desire.. Leave the rest to us!) 

*COMPLETE BRANDING PACKAGES (From visual, content, and strategy.)  

Professional Writing Services Include: (but not limited to)

*Website Content Writing
*Cover letters
*Simple legal and business type documents
*Elevator Pitch 
*Dating Profile Introduction
*Ghost Writing
*Book Summaries

***As of 2022, we have partnered with a local Paralegal/Statewide Notary in Acadiana, so our scope of legal documents have increased. Contact us for any legal document services such as (uncontested) Divorce, Wills, Successions, Business Formation, Child Custody, Cash Sales, POA, etc. JWPN have over 13 years experience in the legal field writing documents for clients in Louisiana.   

Expect a warm and friendly conversation about your business. The more I know about you and your business goals, the better I can fulfill your needs. I will ask questions such as: 

What type of business do you have? 
How long have you been in business? Who are the majority of your clients? 
What type of marketing / advertising have you utilized previously and what were the results?
What audience do you feel needs to be targeted? 

For start up or new businesses we will discuss your strategy and goals. Business names, logos, your objective and target audience, etc.  

A website cost varies depending on the amount of content, plug-ins, form builders, etc that are required. For basic, simplistic sites not requiring many add on apps or form builders will range between $1850 – $2,000 depending on content and pages. Some simpler sites can be less than listed. This is merely a guide.  

Sites requiring lots of plug ins and bells and whistles can range from $2,000 up to $5,000. 

ALL sites are hosted monthly for $55 via ZELLE or PayPal. Monthly auto pay is set up the day we publish your site.  

WRITE Way Web Design, LLC tries to contribute to society by granting 501(c)3 organizations websites at $1200 with their monthly hosting discounted to $40.

We also grant all branches of service personnel, first responders, citizens on disability, and the elderly discounts as well.  

Every picture, content, files, etc in your website must have a place to sit and be routed when your site is summoned. WWWD takes care of this for you. Not only do we host our websites for you, we do not have, nor will we ever use, single servers. We use cloud space optimizing security and functioning of your website. Taking on this portion of your website allows me to know first hand if there is an issue. Consider it akin to going to the same mechanic. He knows your car. 

What is the benefit of not using a single server? 

*When a single server crashes, SO DOES YOUR SITE. 

*We aren’t mixed in with other sites sharing one disc space.

*Though nothing is full proof with the internet, our cloud service has multiple data servers to make certain all our websites are up and running at optimal force.
*If any of our sites receive excessive traffic, not only will their site run smoothly without slowing down, but our other sites don’t skip a beat either. This means…..  

*Fast download for your site, always.

*Safe, secure service that is always up and running! And should a site go down, (remember we don’t rely one a single server)

*We keep a back up of your site and get it back online almost immediately.  

*Our sites are always SSL secure.

*Our clients receive unlimited bandwidth so you never have to concern yourself over how much content you have on your site. It won’t slow you down nor does it cost extra!

*You can login and view your site statistics 24/7. This is an excellent way to keep track if what your audience finds relevant. 

*Blogging can draw attention to your business. Should you have the type of business that would benefit from blogging, we give you access to pages to blog and will even teach you how to do it with ease.

*Although we do not encourage this, we can grant full access to the entire site to make changes any time you deem necessary. However, we are not responsible for fixing your errors and you will be charged accordingly for us to fix it. 
How much does monthly hosting cost? 

Standard websites:
$55 Zelle or PayPal Auto Pay

Just like 501(c)3’s receive a discount on their website, they receive a discount on hosting. 
$40 a month for charities

Most websites can be built within 14 days after the client has supplied photos and pertinent information necessary for facilitating the service.

*However, we cannot be held responsible for work in a “timely manner” when content is not supplied when requested.
*When content is not supplied in a timely manner and we cannot complete the site within 21 days as we have stated, Client will be charged additional fees. We are not in the business of taking months to build websites. We have never taken over 14 days when supplied the requested information   

1) Meet and greet, or phone conversation to see if we are a good fit. Trust is vital in business and this starts with communication. 

2) When we decide to move forward, we discuss your site requirements and price. 

3) WWWD draws  up a contract based on the verbal agreements made. 

4) Typically 50% is due upfront at the signing of the contract. WWWD does allow payment plans in certain situations which is also stated in the contract. 

5) WWWD begins the designing process. When we reach a point where we feel enough is completed, we send you a link for you to review. 

6) WWWD takes care of all revisions and we publish the site when you are satisfied. 

7) Upon publishing, the auto payment is set up by client through Zelle, their bank account or PayPal. 

We are aware some things are missed in the designing of a website.Due to this, WWWD allows 30 days for client to request minor changes to the site. 

We design fliers, headers, profile pictures, (usually your logo), events, etc for Facebook. We also post relevant information to your wall. These services are included in Facebook Packages. 

Monitoring your Facebook page when you have a site through us starts at $100. (Your hosting fee is included in this price.) For clients who desire Facebook exposure on an almost daily basis, the hosting fee will be waived and they will be charged $225 a month. 

For clients wanting full exposure on Facebook who do not have a website with us, this fee is $300 a month.   

Contracts protect both parties. We discuss particulars over the phone or in person should you be local and write contracts serving your interest as well as ours.

WWWD does not work without contract and will never not accept cash without giving you a receipt.

Only if you choose to. We service clients from several states within the U.S., whom we have never met in person. Our business runs on laptop and wifi, so we can work from pretty much anywhere! 

We do restrict our services to the United States, however. We find too many scams from other areas of the country and being “American Made” suits us best! 

Yes. Payment plans can be discussed upfront as our major niche derives on 2 entities. We specialize in start up and small business, and we have assisted several charities over the years. Therefore, we are accustomed to providing services to those on a strict budget. 

Above all else, trust. I came into business based on building relationships. That’s why I have clients who have been with me since the beginning. Those relationships are based on trust and mutual respect. You are not “just a number” to me. I care about my clients and that is probably how I became involved in all the charitable work I do.

One must feel comfortable with whom they select to assist them on their path. Your business is your baby and should you not feel comfortable with our interviews or meetings, I would not want you to be my client.

One thing I am confident with is, I am as genuine as they come in my personal life and my professional arena. You will not find anyone more loyal or with a harder work ethic. 

We have grown over the years and now work side by side with many productive companies to offer a multitude of services to help you build your business.